Instagram introduced the latest features for its users.


Instagram now allow live features and you can also add replays on the Live stories.

Instagram is largest picture sharing application in the world. People can share the pictures on Instagram. They also allow many features just like Snapchat application include new stories feature. A few months ago, Instagram allow live stories in Instagram. Now recently they also offer to add replays on the Live Instagram stories.

Now the people not only watching the live videos now they also add replays on the video. You can replay for the 24 hours. The company introduced a long time feature.

Instagram has more than 250 million monthly users and the Snapchat has 166 million monthly users in the Q1 of 2017. It means that the company has successful after the launch of new features.

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Sohail Asghar

Decade-long Mobile device writer. Self-professed TV Series addict; also fond of movies, books and generally everything that has to do with stories.


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