Indus Motors Introduces Its New Hilux ” Rivo ” Which Is Sure To Break The Competition


Indus Motors Pakistan recently came  out with its Toyota Hilux Revo which is the 8th Generation of Hiluxes in Pakistan and it is truly worth its price tag in terms of comfortability and other things.

The latest Hilux is designed really toughly to conquer any terrain that is given to it and the company is quite proud of their accomplishment on this Hilux.


The New Hilux is claimed to be cheaper than when it was launched back in 1993, below are the variants of the Jeep just to give you an overview.

  • 4×4 version with 4 wheel drive
  • 4×2 with 2 wheel drive
  • single cabin Hilux
  • Double Cabin Hilux
  • Automatic/ Manual gear changer
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According to The Chief Engineer who created the Hilux, Rivo was designed according to what their customers wanted and they wanted Toughness:

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The bigger and tougher Hilux started from a new frame, an improved engine, new six speed transmission and a longer leaf suspension that offers more efficiency and stress-free and comfortable drive.

Design Of The Hilux

The vehicle is designed according to the needs of the people and people wanted power as well as the comfort which is the main thing because if person can’t drive a powerful car if he doesn’t get the comfort he requires, but with comfort this car also has a look of a Luxury car and a beast!


The car outer look is truly amazing if you ask me but some people don’t like it because it looks really mean from the outside but on the inside is where everything changes. Rivo has a designed sports bar on the back side of it and have set a really nice brake light position on the tailgate, with this it also has a chrome exhaust which gives it a more sports like look.

Interior Of The Car


The insides of the rivo have also been modified to keep up with the latest trending cars and the interior is sure to blow you off!


The vehiclecomes with a moderninterior  design and vibrant cabin layout,specifically for comfort and a friendly feel. The seats are power adjustable and with the touch of a button, they can be raised, lowered and incline as well. Toggles and switches have been included in the tool panel seamlessly.

It has a dual-glovebox and a fervent compartment which serves as a littlere frigerator to keep your drinks cool.

The Revo is installed| with exclusive car seating which exhibit a hardcore appearance and will be offering 6-way power modification all at the nudge of a knob.

Together with a weather control air-con system, additionally it is prepared with a switch-type copy selector and differential lock system. Owners can also stay charged while on the run with 12V DC and 220V AC connectors.

Although dashboard is well-managed, the limelight is the user-friendly and simplisticInformation System. The machine is with the ability of having multiple input options, include DVD, USB, HDMI, memory card and bluetooth technology. The 3D maps include tone of voice navigation, audio-visual prompts and multi-route navigation to help make the journey more pleasurable.


The Engine And The Performance

The main highlight of the Latest version of Hilux Revo is the close to no engine noise because the earlier models were really noisy

The engine of the Revo is 1KD 3000 cc Vn turbo with DOHC 16 valve engine which will make the performance phenomenal with all this the intercooler also gives engine more power.


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With all of this this Hilux has 6- speed manual transmission with 5-speed Automic Transmission which gives the car

  • Calm and smooth shifting
  • Low friction
  • Low gear noise
  • Fuel consumotion improved

The suspension has also been improved to give a smooth all-terrain performance.

This car also comes with a 2 year warranty or 50,000 KM warranty.

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  • Hilux Deckless: PKR 2,059,000/-
  • Hilux 4×2:  PKR 2,259,000/-
  • Hilux 4×2 upspec: PKR 2,289,000/-
  • Hilux E: PKR. 3,549,000/-
  • Revo G M/T: PKR 3,749,000/-
  • Revo G A/T: PKR 3,949,000/-
  • Revo V A/T: PKR 4,199,000/-
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