Indian Techies Worried US Restricted On High Skilled Visas



Many indians every year got the visa to go to america and polish their skills there working with high tech companies every year thousands of skilled people go to America to work there In these thousand student the boy with a name sunny Nair has always dreamt of work for the technology giant in the united states of america but he is worried that President Donald Trump will ruin and crush his career ambition.

Tech companies will face on Trump immegrants Restriction

But Trump has commit to prioritise jobs for Americans. Shares in India’s three largest tech firms took a hit this whole week after White House spokesman Sean Spicer advised that presidential and congressional action could be taken on H-1B visas as “part of a larger immigration effort”

High-profile Indians, including Google chief executive Sundar Pichai, have followed a well stepped planning to take indian well tech students send them to US for a master degree programmes and polish their skills as well.


Restrictions would be a main negative decision by Trump and would mean very less international opportunities so my goals have shifted extremely now. I am looking at other opportunities for my future studies like Canada and Europe instead of USA,” he said.

Trump said that these jobs are replaced by the private people of US but most of the people said that that can’t happen coz present people of of these companies are working from many years and are very skilled employees may be these job will overseas to the other different countries so will that be good for america?

Image Source: Trumps Restriction and Tech companies challenges

Tech giants unite to challenge Trump Order

Industry experts say any shutdown would force Indian tech to rethink their business models.

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“Indian IT firms start concerning on Asia-Pacific and extend their businesses here instead of in the US,” D.D. Mishra, and analyst at technology research company Gartner told AFP.

Information system has said it is looking into reducing its dependency on visas to stay competitive in the market, while worried software executives are due to travel to the US later this month to press their case with lawmakers.


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