Indian Hacker: Lahore District Government Website hacked by IND 3MB3R On Tuesday.


Indian Hackers group ‘IND 3MB3R’ hack the website of Lahore District Government Pakistan A few days ago, a Pakistani hacker hacked the website of Indian Home Ministery. Indian hackers claim that Pakistani hackers attack Indian Home Ministery website.

On Sunday some Anonymous hacker group of Pakistan hacked the Indian home minister Website and they said the website is temporarily blocked for some issues and repair.

Here’s the message from Indian Hacker ‘IND 3MB3R’ to Pakistani:

Pakistani kids keep the distance from Indian server. It’s payback for hacking Indian sites.

As you can see, the message from Indian hacker on Pakistani website in the snapshot of a picture.

Indian and Pakistan hackers are continuously hacking the websites of each other. In January, the website of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information (RTI) Commission by Indian hacker group. A few months ago Home ministry’s website hacked and there is no message except mention Bilawal Bhutto. Now Lahore Government website hacked by Indian Hacker group.

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