In Pakistan Mobile Imports rise by 18.5% in 2017-2018


In Pakistan mobile phone imports growth rate is increasing day by day.In last 10 Months it is about 18.5%  by the cost of $678.6 million as compared to $572.38 million during the last year (2016-2017).In Pakistan everyone is demanding for smart phones instead of simple phone.

Fedral government has announced that the price of smart phone will be increase up to 5000 on importing


  • When the import price of mobile phone is not more than Rs.10,000 (including all taxes) then there will be no charge
  • When the imports price is more than Rs.10,000 (including all taxes)and less than 40,000 ,then there will be Rs.1000 charge per phone set
  • When the imports price exceeds Rs.40,000 and less than Rs.80,000(including all taxes) then there will be Rs.3000 charge per phone set

Since the launch of 3Gand 4G services in Pakistan ,the number of mobile phone manufacturers is rising hence the mobile imports of these companies are also rushing in the country.

Increase in mobile imports shows the interest of Pakistanis of adopting cuttingedge technologies, but these smartphone companies should establish their manufacturing plants in this surching market, so the govt could also benefit from this. Pakistan is open for business for many foreign companies, however, most of them avoid establishing their assembling plants in Pakistan.

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Arooj Fatima


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