i2i Introduces Startup Toolkit For in Pakistan


Invest2Innovate (i2i) has propelled a Startup Toolkit to help the entrepreneurial group of Pakistan.

Having just propelled the i2i Investor Toolkit in 2016, the i2i group has now uncovered the i2i Startup Toolkit, a 101 guide for Pakistani new businesses that can assist business visionaries with executing their thoughts effectively.


It is a test to transform a startup into a flourishing business. An immense number of new companies neglect to take off because of restricted access to legitimate guidance, poor basic leadership and absence of know-how.

The i2i Startup Toolkit is a push to battle the absence of applicable data which could spare originators from committing errors. It is a complete guide on legitimate strategies and the entrepreneurial trip, made in a joint effort with the Co-organizer of Wukla, Mubariz Siddiqui.

Probably the most essential themes shrouded in the i2i Startup Toolkit include:

  • Registering a company in Pakistan
  • Types of businesses and legal entities
  • Applicable taxes on businesses
  • Idea protection and Intellectual Property rights
  • The due diligence process – what investors demand
  • Types of investments
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Company valuation
  • Term sheets and their significance
  • Equity
  • Vesting
  • Dilution

Fellow benefactor of Easy Insurance, Fahad Awan says:

“This startup toolkit has all the relevant legal information that a founder seeks during his/her journey. It’s a must read to have the legal aspects of your startup covered”

WHAT IS i2i?

Having begun its activities in Pakistan in 2011, i2i is gone for giving a biological system to the genuinely necessary entrepreneurial development. The firm additionally offers an Accelerator program named i2i Accelerator which finds and advances affect business visionaries, giving them business bolster and acquainting them with financial specialists and coaches throughout a 4-month program.

Moreover, i2i has sought after two different verticals, Insight – giving bits of knowledge utilizing information, research, and examination to comprehend development markets, and Invest – offering access to capital in such markets.

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Arooj Fatima


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