Hundered Of Missing Children Can Find By Mobile App In China


Now in china they make a specific app for the missing children in china they use this app for security reasons and specially for the missing children.

Image Source: China Police


The new updates tell us that the police man reported that they are very well coordinated with each other with the help of this App and found more then hundred  children which really help us control and secure china from terror and kidnaping.


Basically this App is important for the connection between police all over the china if a child is missing from another place so the police man of that place update the information through the app then other police officer may see and help him out to find that child.

Image Source: Police App

A new version of the app in November has increase its reach through support with other popular mobile apps, such as Alibaba’s online shopping website Taobao, Tencent Holdings Ltd’s instant messages software QQ.

Child trafficking is very common in China, where the population control rules and policies, although recently relaxed, have boost a traditional biases for male youngsters.

Boys are seen as the major support for elder parents and beneficial to the family name. This has resulted in abortions and killings.


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