Huawei shipped 22% more than last year, the company revealed its global market report.


Huawei smartphone company revealed its global market report, Huawei shipped 22 percent more than last year.

Huawei is the largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer company. The company launched many smartphones last year. According to the company, they sold around 35 million smartphones in the last quarter year. Now the Huawei company becomes the third largest selling smartphone company in the world. The company sold 22 percent units more than last year.

Early this year, Huawei was launched Honour 6X and Mate 9, both smartphones are the top grossing smartphone this year. The Huawei p10 is the incredible smartphone. Mate 9, Huawei smartphone company launched with amazing specifications.

 This year, the company sold 35 million devices in the first quarter. According to the Huawei company, they sold 140 million units in the last whole year. They increasing their selling units in the market. Now they increased 22 percent as selling units as compared to the last year. They also introduced manny smartphones.

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