Huawei collaborates with the Wi-tribe to give 4.5G LTE network in five main cities in Pakistan


Huawei collaborates with the Wi-tribe to give 4.5G LTE network in five main cities in Pakistan:

The good news for all Pakistanis is that Huawei collaborating with Wi-tribe to deliver advanced 4.5G LTE network in Pakistan, So this toy company signed the contract for the up gradation of 4.5G, this is $50 million investment program of WI-tribe in Pakistan, So in the start they will deliver 4.5G service in at least 5 cities in Pakistan. So through this up gradation the changes will occur, The speed of the internet will be faster than the previous speed they will deliver Up to 100Mbps in starting after a few months the speed of the internet will be double then they will deliver 200Mbps at the end of the 2018 and 400Mbps in 2019, WI-tribe announced the partnership with Huawei of China for upgradations and also announced the $15 million contract of the LTE.


In the market for broadband in the Pakistan, WI-tribe wants to change the game phase and also want to be the leader of this Broadband company, its goal is to deliver the fastest internet service in the Pakistan and all the equipment of the LTE service is imported from the Hong Kong.

Pakistan would be Faster:

It’s a good news for Pakistan because of this up gradation of LTE investment, We Pakistanis would have 4.5G service available in every home of Pakistan. The investment of the WI-tribe and partnership between them will be secure the future of we-tribe for next 5 year in the Pakistan. The service will be provided in the several cities of Pakistan are Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad.

Image Source: techjuice

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