Huawei and Wit-Tribe: First time in Pakistan 4.5G LTE speed internet will be launched in few months.


Pakistan launch 4.5G LTE first fastest internet speed by Huawei & Wi-tribe in Pakistan in next few months. Witribe provides number one high-speed LTE internet in coming months. According to the Wi-trib, they have also signed the agreement with Huawei of high-speed. These network in five cities where Wi-tribe operates the network of the internet.

source: PhoneWorld

Wi-tribe provides 100Mbps per connection in next few months with high-speed and this speed will be raised up to 200Mbps at the end of the year of 2018. This technology will be available up to 400Mbps per connection from 2019.

Wi-tribe will become the number one in South Asia to ploy the technology. They are contracted $15 million with Huawei company. They will be introduced the number one 4.5G speed technology in Pakistan. And it is also the one and only company will provide the 3.5Ghz spectrum in the country.

source: Gizmodo

Chairman of Wi-tribe Shahid Malik said,

This second investment is part of our $50m internet development vision for Pakistan. It is clear testament to our desire to bring world-leading technology and exceptional levels of satisfaction to our customers in Pakistan


Shahid Malik also said that this is not an easy to launch 4.5G technology in Pakistan. It is the large telecom project, but they will able to enjoy an excellent service in Pakistan. Thousand of workers are working on this project. They will provide high-quality broadband and excellent customer services.

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