HTC is giving you an offer to get an HTC Vive, a GTX 1070 and a Fallout 4 VR for $799


Planning to buy an HTC Vive? HTC has got a very interesting offer for you! Unfortunately, the offer is for a limited time and just within the premises of USA, but if you are the lucky one, this is a deal to remember. HTC has teamed up with Nvidia to provide a package containing

  • HTC Vive package
  • A GeForce GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition GPU
  • A Fallout 4 VR pre-order

All this for just $799!

htc vive 1070 bundle 740x473 HTC teams up with Nvidia to give a $799 package containing an HTC Vive, a GTX 1070 and a Fallout 4 VR

Considering the fact that the price of HTC Vive is $599 so getting the GTX 1070 along with the fallout 4 VR in only $200 is a great deal because you are saving an amount of almost $260. If you are still wondering how the Fallout 4 VR would look like, here is a hands-on review by Christian:

Having embraced VR quite a while ago as one of the HTC Vive’s early adopters, I was particularly excited to test out Fallout 4 VR. The Vive is a bit of a pain to set up in my bedroom so when I do take the time to use it, I have to ensure that I’m playing a worthwhile game. While there are a number of good VR games on the market, I’ve yet to find one that holds my attention for more than a few sessions. However, after playing the short demo at Bethesda’s recent press event, I think Fallout 4 VR may be the VR game I’ve been waiting for.

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