HP’s Announce New Omen Headphones that Can Cool Your Ears While Gaming


Gaming on your laptop in the summer can be quite a challenge. HP is out to make things cooler for you with their latest headphones.

HP has introduced thermoelectric magnets for active earcup cooling in its latest Omen Headset. These are the first ever gaming headphones to feature a cooling mechanism for you. The best thing is … these are coming to you in October t2018 for $199.

You can now play for as long as you want.


The inside of the headset feels cooler, offering a tingling cold feeling, the outer side still gets warmed up as the inside gets cooler.

HP owns the patent for the headphones cooling technology and the earcups are powered over USB . There are no indications of battery-powered cooling headphones coming from HP in the future, so this is the bestt. The earcups light up as well, just like other gaming headphones.

First-hand users have endorsed the technology and are all for it as it can bring quite a relaxation for the gamers who have to take their headphones off every now and then for cooling off.

Once in the market, it remains to be seen how the headphones fare and whether the claims of long, uninterrupted gaming experience .


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Arooj Fatima


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