Hootsuite Report: The Web Browsing on Laptop and PC in Pakistan has Decreased.


HootSuite is a social media platform, they are released a report about 238 countries. ‘Digital in 2017’, They observe that 50% of people in the world can connect with the internet and social media. They finding to show that 91% social media users can use via on mobile phones.

According to the HootSuit, now in Pakistan, only 22% people can use browsing on Laptop or PC others peoples are using on Mobiles.

Simon Kemp said,

The increase in internet users in developing economies is particularly encouraging. Given this latest data, it’s probably time for us to stop referring to social as ‘new media’, and integrate it more seamlessly into our day-to-day activities.

Pakistan is the 6th popular country in the world. According to the Hootsuits, 35.1 Million internet users in Pakistan and 31 million are Pakistani users active in social media. There are millions of people can use the internet on mobile phones.

According to the 2016 HootSuite report, 20% increased in internet users, 35% users increase in social media and 47% users increase who use the internet on Mobile phones.

In Pakistan, 22% people decreased of using internet browsing on Laptop and Desktop and more. They are shifted towards laptop to mobile phone. 31 Million people can use Facebook and 90% people are using Facebook on Mobile Phones. They are also said that 78% male users in Pakistan using facebook and 22% female accounts from Pakistan.

Nowadays, social is of the top ways for business and reaching customers through social media. Pakistan has on a 5th largest country in the world where usage of smartphones.

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