Marks the Start of 53rd Defence Day Celebrations from today


Looking for something new and best this 53rd Defence Day? brings just the things for you to celebrate Defence Day.

Starting 1st September 2018, you can choose from a great variety of exclusive “Defence Day” products and buy them as presents for the Pakistani Armed Forces, as a gesture of your love . What makes it special is that you can add a your personal ‘thank you note’ as a greeting along with your gifts, to remind our defenders how their determination is being praised across the nation.

The range of presents that you can buy include  portable but at the same time essential products such as headphones, mobile phones, tablets, power banks, any more! All your gifts collected during the six days of the event will be packaged and hand-delivered amongst our people .

Tributes have been done before it, but this is a one-of-a-kind way of presenting an accolade to the defenders of Pakistan. Souvenirs are always enticing to people and  our soldiers, who have devoted their lives to serve the Pakistan deserve all the praise for their limitless struggles.

It’s our time to pay back a little bit of what they do, collectively as a nation. To join hands with Homeshopping in saluting the unsung heroes of our country, visit and shop for your favorite gifts . For more updates, stay in the Homeshopping Facebook page Experience 53rd Defence Day like never before, and let the nation’s spirits soar 6th September 2018!

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Arooj Fatima


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