Here’e the Pakistani Websites will help you for smart Decisions.


Ceo of SmartChoice Sibtain Jiwani, after complete hi education from England. In 2008, he wanted to launch its official work of website but he could not launch due to slow development of Technology.

In 2008, they are hoping to start this venture but he can’t because of no local networks and slow adoption of technology. He waited for the right time and gain more experience.

Source: Chowrangi

Sibtain Jiwani said,

Finally, in late 2014, I decided to initiate this in form of a plan and to achieve the goal I had to quit my job

Sibtain Jiwani said that they are offering best products and services. If anyone finds a suitable product or service they can order it easily even they are offering insurance policy or applying for online credit card

Source: Smart choice

But the SmarChioce website is not only providing these services. There are many websites providing such services.

KarloCompare also provides the services of personal finance and offers similar services. Sumaira Farooqui and Ali Ladhubhai are the co-founders of the website, they have launched website on April 1, 2016, and transactional start in June 2016.

Source: AngelList

Sumaira Farooqui said, KarloCompare is offering Credit Cards, Personal Loans, auto Loans and BroadBand services and insurance policy.  Sibtain and Sumair observe that there is the market of this services.

Co-Founder of KarloCompare said,

We work on a few different pricing models depending on the product category and generate income through conversions from our service partners (i.e. banks, insurance, and broadband companies)

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