Here the Nike’s Recent Advertisement gone viral on Social Media.


This advertisement is a part of Nike’s campaign. These middle eastern Muslim women’s in the advertisement, they have gone viral on social media. They break the stereotypes.

According to the advertisement, campaign for women to break out the boundaries of their culture. The ad is completely set in middle eastern areas and you can also see in the ad, women speaking in the middle eastern language. You can never see any one actor in this advertisement. They just shared their thoughts to the audience and shown their feelings through facial expressions.

source: Today’s Pak

According to the advertisement, they selected five young talented women in the ad from middle eastern countries. They show that the change of women and cultures. They are calls for change thoughts about women in these middle eastern countries.

This advertisement does not mean to disregard that vital questions. They only showed that the importance in the way of women forced to live their whole life in the middle east countries. In this advertisement, the women clear all the statement about women. The ad seems like all the women rights in the middle eastern countries.

This advertisement went viral on all the social media and it certainly made headlines. In Muslim countries have a lot of sportswomen talent in middle eastern countries. But they don’t show the talent just because of their cultures and environment of the country. The advertisement showed that, five young talented women’s fight for their rights and able to accomplish their dreams.

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