Hacker gains access to hotel and asks for ranson through bitcoin!


Nowadays as the security systems are getting stronger so are the hackers and they are going up to quite funny but high limits to make money from hacking and gaining access to things.

This time a known hacker who previously also hacked other hotels hacked the systems which had access to all room keys causing them to be locked and no matter how hard they tried they could not gain back access to it.

The hotel was Romantik Seehotel jagerwir which is a four-star luxury hotel in Austria and the hacker forced the Hotel to pay him $1600 in ransom but he did that with quite  cleverness and used bitcoin which is untraceable and got away with it.

The most amazing thing is that he did all of these things by the internet and sitting at home which is truly amazing in a bad way!

Even though the Hotel had state of the art security systems bit it was no match for the Hackers genius and the Hotel changed the system afterwards in case any loops were still left back.

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Sufyan Khan


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