Hacked Cellebrite Has iPhone Cracking Tools Leaked Online By Hacker


Hacked Cellebrite Has iPhone Cracking Tools Leaked Online By Hacker:

This is reported by the Motherboard, In January 2017 the date of 900Gb which is stolen by the hacker from mobile phones Forensics company Cellebrite.
The sold data on the phone cracking technology on the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Russia.

The Firm Cellebrite is an Israeli company. This company specializes in extracting the data from the cell phone devices. This company was working under the LAW enforcement agencies and collecting date from the cell phones for them.

For this purpose of the hacking, they used the Small size device which looks like tablet or laptop, the company Flagship Product this is the device by the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED).
This device is used for pull SMS messages, emails And records from the thousands of the mobile phones and also the physical access to the phone these are the need of the Investigator.
It is the firm which is the build by the US government and they also hired to access the iPhone 5c at that time.

Image Source: hothardware

The apple company refused to crack the phone so the Cellebrite company was succeeded after some time so the Cellebrite. The company boosted its ability so they crack after that other operating system like IOS and also Android.

The newly released data from the healer is claimed from the remote Cellebrite server, And they also said that they extracted from the UFED images. And they also reported that the all the data is encrypted.

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