Now Pakistani people can travel Visa-free for Football World Cup.


Russia allows travelling visa free for Football World Cup for everyone.

Russian recently announced to enter visa-free in the country for Football World Cup. Now Pakistani football lovers also enter for the Football World without a visa. Russian government also mention that the country also free transport between the 11 cities in the country if they have the football world cup tickets.

The Prime Minister and Chairman of organizing committee of the Football World Cup, they stated that,

Russia has an obligation towards FIFA and we’re ready to start. Everything is working and we’re ready to start. We have taken every possible measure to guarantee security and safety of those travelling to Russia.

The Russian country allows the tickets to the fans who possess the tickets, the government only allows to enter int eh country without visa and they travel free between the 11 cities in the country during the Football World Cup. They furhter added that they have 262 trains offering free travels in the country.

The CEO of Organizing committee, Alexey Sorokin stated that,

We have a visa-free regime for those who have tickets for the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. Football fans who come from other countries will also have free travel from city to city as well. This is a football feast.

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