Google updates: Web search allows a smartphone user to compare two device specifications


Google released a lot of updates for android and iOS apps in this year. Google web search is the only feature that receives updates a few times. Google released updates for its mobile search tab that allow a user to compare the two devices.

We have been occasionally seen new tweaks and updated for Web search design, features without creating any hype for the users. The company is testing a new feature of comparison of web search.

According to the report, if a user is searching for the comparison of the two devices such as “Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL”, on search it will appear a new comparison chart consisting of the related information of your search query. The users will see a few rows with the main results and you can explore more by tapping the blue button for further details.

Moreover, the new comparison feature comes with a mode to highlight differences between the two. Keep in mind, the comparison feature is for on comparing between two and not supporting the comparison of more than two.

nexus2cee image Google is rolling out new comparison feature for its Web search mobile app

The company is rolling out the updates and many of users have not yet received the updates of new features. If you have received the updates of the Google search updates, share your experience with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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