Google Is Selling Its Satellite Image Business To Planet Labs



Google is selling its image business to the planet labs In January Google reported that they are going to sell Tera Bella to the planet labs Now finally Google decided that they are actually going to sell Terr Bella to the planet labs.

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According to the deal between them , Planet Labs will acquire Terra Bella business including the SkySat constellation of satellites, Alphabet said. Almost two years before Google acquired Terra Bella in a deal valued at that time $500 million. Recently google has been reforming its business, starting with the evolution of Alphabet as parent company.

Announcing the news

Announcing the news reported, Planet Labs’ Will Marshall note that the seven high-res SkySat satellites it’s acquiring is as part of the deal will be “highly complimentary” to its current fleet of medium res satellites, which includes 60 units in total. Planet’s existing network can only get three to five meter and its resolution, while Google’s satellites can manage “sub-meter,” which is why images on Google Earth and Google Maps tend to be so broad and clear.

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Terra Bella to grab the maximum customer

Planet will use Terra Bella to grab the maximum customer to use, the company is the service based company and a high-res imaging it will allow to appeal more customer to see the end spot what they want to see.

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Terra Bella was itself an acquisition for Google

Terra Bella was itself an acquisition for Google, picked up as Skybox Imaging in 2014 in a deal and its value was that time at $500 million. Google has recently been dependent its business, beginning with the help of Alphabet as parent company, and it’s likely that owning its own satellite imaging rather than licensing it from a dedicated provider is part of that ongoing Defence of its various lines of business.


On Friday

Very Earlier on Friday, Planet announced a plan to introduce an additional 88 so-called cubists, which are small level, lower cost satellites. This will be the largest single launch of satellites at one time in history of science, and is currently rescheduled for February 14.

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