Google is Selling their Satellite Imaging Business to the famous ‘PLANET LABS’.


Google is Selling their Satellite Imaging Business to the famous ‘PLANET LABS’:

In January 2017 the Google company announced that they are selling the Terra Bella project Business to Planet Labs, According to this business deal the project of selling terra Bella, SkySat constellation of satellites. This report was announced by the google and also by the Google announcement that the google has been reforming its business.

The contract of this business is almost two years and deal valued at $500 million.The planet Lab is the private satellite operator which was founded by the NASA scientists in San Francisco, It’s the most smaller and the less expensive satellite permitting technology, it advantage Planet Labs makes easy to deploy At large network of the satellite on minor cost and as well as on minimum risk basis.

Now Google wants to evaluate its business, Planet labs purchase the business of multi-year contract with Google after that the deal will end between them. The Announcing report of the Planet Labs, “The seven high-res SkySat satellites it’s acquiring as part of the The deal will be “highly complementary” to its existing fleet of medium satellites, which includes 60 units in total.”

Image Source: phoneworld

The current network resolution range of the Planet Lab is just 3 to 5 five meters, so the other side the google satellites Can capture the “sub-meter” so that’s the main difference between google and the Planet Google Maps will show the result more Better than the Planet Lab.

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