Google security Blog: Google published some keys for awareness and safety.


Google announced and published keys insights for users, they avoid from email attacked. This keys will awareness and safety from any attack. According to the Google security, they said that Malware and Phishing affected from a personal inbox. The blog states that,

We are constantly working to protect our users and quickly adapt to new online threats. This work never stops: every minute, we prevent over 10 million unsafe or unwanted emails from reaching Gmail users and threatening them with malicious attachments that infect a user’s machine if opened, phishing messages asking for banking or account details, and omnipresent spam
The blog also said these are the common attack malware, phishing, impersonation, scams, interception. But the Malware and Phishing are the more dangerous than others, they targeted on personal emails and malware is malicious software as the virus. Phishing is the tricky virus if someone clicking on the malicious links and steal all the information.

source: techworm

India and Japan are the most spammed and affected from malware. Hackers dimensions all the virus such as size and type or organisation of virus and operation of the country. Pakistan also in the top ten countries in the world. These countries are the affected from malware, are protect phishing and spams.

Now Google has been published the keys, protect the informations of the users. 99.9% people can attacks from messages accuracy. Now google represents 2 step of verifications of google account to safe from attackers their accounts. You can use Google’s hosted S/MIME feature and stay safe from attackers.

source: Check Point Blog

According to the last year 2016, malware named as Gooligan, they breached millions of Google accounts. Google also break down the billions of misleading ads and websites in last 2016 against scammers.

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