Google news now organised and received a new UI for desktop version.


The Google news now looks organised and received new UI for the desktop version.

The new UI will enable to show the publishers name and they also enable the article labels of related stories. The Google news is very popular with the users of its news. They recently received a new UI for the desktop version.

The Google now created Navigation pane, they divided into three sections including, Healines, Local, For You:

Headlines: This section will show you the Headlines of the news.

Local : This feature will let you look at stories and news articles related to the location

For You : You can select the topics of news you find interesting and want on your tips.

 The News card will also show the related articles. The top related videos of the news will be highlighted on the news card. This video will be played in the better display. People can also customise the settings of the topics you want to update every day. Google now only launch in some countries, they will release in the other countries soon.

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