Google Map revealed new version of Google Map version Beta 9.47 for android mobiles.

Google map recently revealed its new version of Map beta 9.47 for android mobiles. Google map improve the application to find places easily without any trouble. They change some design.

source: The Verge

According to the android, they update the share buttons in google map app. People can share the location with anyone and moved easily to any location. The share button at the top right in the menu. It is not very difficult for the google map users. It’s the easy to format for all the users. The new locations for everyone, now find any location quickly and they easier to access.

Google Map included the new buttons called padlock icon and dropdown toggle in a timeline. You can check the new features in the new updates in Google Map. The new updates are more colourful and there is more information to the timeline.

source: phonedog

Previous Google Map, there is just a single row of the menu. Now they develop a new overflow menu. They brought blue dot menu design. Google Map now save the location you’ve visited. The new command will lead to the timeline screen. These changes brought in this version of Google Map. Google Map create three sections, Places near you, Calibration. reporting bugs.

According to the new updates, google map suggests the places nearby and they also provide the link to the location. They also brought the favourite list of places.


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