Google Map App add new features in this Software App and Makes Easy to Find Place.


Google Map Software Application added new features in this app. People can use easily and take to their favourite places. Google map makes easy for everyone to find their favourite places.

You can update new version of Google Map. This applications software for every mobile android, windows. This feature will customise the list of any places. You can share this with friends and family. People can share to friends and family to make easy to find a place address This feature will also show limited functional without any internet.


According to the Zach Maier Manager at Google Map, there are millions of places, business and other interesting places in the world. Now people can enjoy with google map to make it easy to find places. Google Map is world’s amazing Map.

source: PCWorld

The features are extended to all users, and also available the feature of people can create the list of google Local Guides. Now you can update the Google map in your Smartphones and enjoy the new google map with amazing features. Google users can edit the list of google map.

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