Google launched its new application for group photo editors.


Google launched its new application for the group photo editors. They will be launched officially in this May.

According to the reports, Google working on social apps, they made a social app for its users to edit group photos. Photo editing app will be launch in May at Google I/O. Let see how it will work after launch. According to the further reports, google app will organise photos together.

Google recently launched fake fortune telling website. People trying to predict future, every people is curious about their futures. In that case, people visit many fortune tellers and predict their future.

Google also updated his policies to undesirable content and Google also apologise for uploading abhorrent videos on largest video website Youtube. Mark & Spencer and HSBC is the largest profile firms has removed advertising from Google sites. They also added that they a point more staff for the process of removing ads and they will stop on attcks on their religious, gender, or race.

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