Google is going to Ban Low Quality Apps and Crypto Miners From Play Store


Now Google is not allowing cryptocurrency miners on the play store. The Google company has updated their privacy to keep their App store secure and safe from malicious software developers .

The already available cryptocurrency accounts will not be banned ,however crypto-miners wouldn’t e available on play store anymore.

Smartphones have no much power to be an optimal  device for crypto mining but the serious issue is crypto jacking , it happens when a hacker uses someone’s PC or phone to mine cryptocurrency.

The policy is the great step to ensure that user’s personal data is not at risk, and they can freely and easily use play store’s services.

More Features Added with update

Here are some more additions in the update as well. Now the play store will ban all the apps that is advertised for kids .This step is due to YouTube’s Elsagate controversy about kids cartoon and movie channel that display inappropriate content.

Google has also decided to ban low quality apps.

Addition to the above cited rules ,Google Play will also ban any app that sells firearms ,ammunition or explosives.

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Arooj Fatima


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