Google Introduce Ads into Android Home Screen aren’t welcomed


No one likes Ads, but ads are like air to breathe for all those social media and IT companies to survive. Some time you can disable them but some time you can’t. Ads simply break the flow of what you are watching. Google is popular for ads, you can’t watch a popular video without having ads in them. They generate revenue from ads, for that they provide services for free. Android Home Screen Ads become trendy when the new update hit the market. Some users may like the update, but the majority reject the update because of the ads.

Google Introduce Ads into Android Home Screen

Multiple users report that they are discovering ads onto their Android Home Screens. However, XDA Developer reports the new Sponsored channel popped up on Sony Smart TVs, Nvidia Shield TV and Xiaomi’s Mi Box 3.

Users are complaining that Google must warn them before launching with auto ads feature. This may boost Google ad revenue, but a new update is a bit annoying. We noted one Reddit thread that the ads had appeared on a Sony 900F, which has a starting price of $999.99.

The XDA Developers, clarify by saying that the ads were part of a “pilot program”; he continued by saying that “Android TV is committed to optimizing and personalizing the entertainment experience at home.”

Reddit has reported thread, in which people were saying that they tried to uninstall the latest update and disable “auto update” from “Android TV Core Services”. But the ads still show after every restart.

This is not the first time we are seeing ads on our Android Supported Home TVs, but back in 2016, Samsung got caught doing so. Last month Vizio stated that they are allowing smart TVs to show targeted ads. In 2017 Vizio was fined for $2.2 million for tracking their user’s data without customers consents.

Google is not doing something new. Now it’s future to decide whether these ads are becoming good for the company or the worst nightmare for their business.

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