Google Homeowners already get the Bluetooth enabled


Google Homeowners already get the Bluetooth enabled:

This article is about the some Google Homeowners already get the Bluetooth enabled. as we know that Google is performing an important role in this modern upgrading of technology. In I/O event of 2017 company announced that we are offering the owner of google home to use the new features of Bluetooth streaming and this service will be available in few days on google home through this features you guys can connect any device to connect and audio streaming not only those which required any compatible application to for Bluetooth streaming.


A few weeks ago some bloggers revealed that there are few users which update the software and using this amazing feature and this update offers the additional option is set for this feature. As we know that google home is perfect but after this feature googles home going to become more popular. So that’s why company select some users to test this feature so that’s why some number of users get the new update of this application.


Developers did not officially announce the new update of google home so guys you have to wait for the official announcement of the Google home than you will use this amazing feature of google home.

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