Good news for Android Users: Android Users Will Use Fastest Browsers in Mobile.

According to the Google, they will introduce the fastest browser for android users in mobile. The users will add their web pages in Androids home screen it will be released soon.

This functions will apply for android mobile users, it will make easy and Add web pages on home screens. Yaron Friedman said  They are committed to Web Apps are available to all browsers on android phone.

Developers will display this app in androids app drawer and they will also display at under app setting. This app will open in any androids google chrome.

Source: TechSpot

According to the Google Chromium blog, this version available only in Chrome Canary and it will be officially released within coming weeks. This app will work on the all the android phones and even it will also work in 4.3 Jelly Bean old android version. It will be most easier app for android users and much similar too.


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