Galaxy Buds are in True Competition with AirPods


Believing in changing Samsung Buds is the best example of fashionable technological innovation. The wireless earphones, as we all know the world is moving so fast in the field of technology. Every day is the day of new inventions, so to be on the top of the technological leaderboard why Samsung fall behind. So they came with some new ideas like the first foldable phone and their S10 Series.

Why Samsung Galaxy Buds?

Apple AirPods is said to be the first wireless headphones to say goodbye to the headphone jack. But as leading the tech of wireless earbuds, Apple’s AirPods have some major technical issues giving the slight edge to Galaxy Buds. I am sure Apple is looking to fix all issue related.

Galaxy Buds or Apple AirPods
Galaxy Buds or Apple AirPods

Samsung, on the other hand, fixed all technical issues associated with Apple AirPods. They read all reviews and comment posted after using AirPods. This gives Samsung an edge over Apple. Galaxy Buds are smaller and more discreet than their Apple counterparts, the Apple AirPods,

Pocketable Slim Design

Galaxy Buds are well designed, one can carry these in their pocket. They come in some beautiful colors. But the color option varies with the country you are living in.

Galaxy Buds
Galaxy Buds Ready To Use

Each pair of buds comes in a super-portable carrying case, which also charges the earbuds. Samsung gives freedom to its customers to customize their earbuds looks and color, they can choose black, yellow and white colors respectively. Galaxy Buds are lightweight, ergonomic shape to prevent them from falling out during workouts.

Clarity of Voice

Galaxy Buds are so compact when put into ears, they have the power to reduce the external voice disturbance. Artificial Intelligence allows the mic to recognize the inner and outer voice and adjust itself so to minimize the external interruption during the conversation.

Galaxy Buds Case Black
Galaxy Buds Case Black

Inner and outer mics are designed for background noise reduction.

Universal Wireless EarBuds

Galaxy Buds allow shifting seamlessly to any Galaxy devices. Even you can you them with Apple and other devices. Just connect them through Bluetooth.

Galaxy Buds Watch Active Fit Buds
Galaxy Buds Watch Active Fit Buds

Battery Power

Galaxy Buds owns high-efficient micro-battery, which can be used up to 6 hours, while Apple AirPods can only be used up to 5 hours.

Buds are wireless-charged enabled, just put the Buds on the back of the Samsung wireless charge enabled phone.

Software Support

Buds came with Built-in software support in S10 series, one can change the settings according to his/her hearing capabilities.

Galaxy Buds Software Support
Galaxy Buds Software Support


The Samsung Galaxy Buds, which will be available directly from Samsung starting March 8, will cost $129.99 in the United States and £139 in the U.K. Each box came with a pair of Earbuds, USB cable, and a quick start-up guide.



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