If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Life’s a beach,” you probably wondered what does it actually mean. A seagull swooping in and stealing your wallet? Or maybe that beached whales are some profound allegory for our society? Well, probably neither but it’s fun to entertain the possibilities.
We here at Aubtu have compiled a series of the most unexpected things that took place at the seashore and it turns out, these pictures have the answers to the questions above.

#1 And you thought Hugh Jackman was so sexy he could never look bad. Think again; he seems to have gone Full Derp in these beach shots! (Never go
full Derp)

#2 This awkward moment brought to you by Alcohol.

#3 This isn’t the first time that a model’s photoshoot got spoiled by a photobomber… but these particular canine photobombers are particularly awesome.

#4 Bring your girlfriend to the beach

#5 Really? Is this the best thing you could use to shield your face from the sun?

#6 Don’t forget to apply sun cream

#7 Go to the beach, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

#8 Ouch! That is not how you frisbee, silly!

#9 Just a guy snuggling with a duck at the beach. Nothing to see here.

#10 Something about this pic sort of messes with your head.

#11 Brad could sure be a dick sometimes.

#12 What goes up must come down… right onto your head!

#13 The beach is great. So let’s take a nap.

#14 “Ahhh, finally I have her right where I want her. Sniff my butt. SNIFF IT.” – The Dog.

#15 If there is any benefit to being an amputee, pranking kids on the beach has to be high on the list!