COMSATS information Institute Abbottabad is presenting the Freelancing Bootcamp 2017


COMSATS information Institute Abbottabad is presenting the Freelancing Bootcamp 2017, on (Wednesday, January 18, 2017).
This event is sponsored by the Payoneer empowers global commerce, they are connecting businesses, professionals, countries, and currencies. This Bootcamp is arranging for the students of COMSATS and also other university students can register their selfs for the Bootcamp, the COMSATS institute has planned 4-week winter camp for the students which is starting from the 18 (Jan-Feb, 2017).

The annual report 2014 of Pakistan, showed by Elance Desk annual impact, Pakistan ranks as the 5th country in freelancer. The freelancer is the job which becomes most popular and highest earnings in the world. There are some details about the Freelancing Bootcamp courses of the workshop and the training is listed below.


1: NET Programming
2: Mobile Apps Development for Android
3: HTML/CSS/JavaScript


1: Graphic Designing
2: 5 Days Open Source Workshop (Joomla, WordPress, Zen Cart)
3: Freelancing Workshop: Start your Freelancing Career

The Chief guest of the event is Dr. Khan, Gul Jadoon. This is the promotion event about the freelancing, the meaning of this type of events is making people aware of these types of jobs or earning money through freelancing, and also for building up the confidence of the Pakistani students or those peoples who are going to work these types of organizations.

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