First Look of Brand-new AirPower Image Appears


Apple’s Australia website break the image of long-awaited AirPower wireless charging mat. The Image went viral showing iPhone XS along with new AirPod charging case. But surprisingly there is no sign of Apple watch. Apple was claiming years back that the charging mat will be able to charge all three Apple products.

The AirPower make headlines in the tech world along with iPhone X and iPhone 8 back in 2017. At the time they ware claiming that the AirPower charging wireless mat will be able to charge iPhone, AirPod and Apple watch simultaneously. However, no one saw the charging mat after its initial reveal.

Last year rumors emerged with some critical fault that prototype of the mat is suffering from overheating issue. Apple removes all data regarding the AirPower charger mat, thought the project has been canceled.

This week, the news came that the AirPower charger is ready to launch. A long wait is finally coming to end. Yesterday The Wall Street Journal reported, that Apple approved the production of the charger early this year.

The new image shows no Apple watch, which means that it won’t be able to charge the watch as some IOS Developers are predicting from IOS code.

The final review of the product is expected in Apple’s next major event on 25 March, but the press conference seems to focus exclusively on Apple new video streaming service and news subscription platform.






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