Finally for the womens comfort, Paxi transport company will be introduced from March 23 only for womens transportation.


First time in Pakistan, paxi transport company introduced only for women’s transportations. This service will be launched on March 23, 2017, in Karachi Pakistan.

According to the Paxi Pakistan transport company, they mentioned that this transport service only for women. Only women’s can use this transport service. They also added that, this taxis service is driven by women’s. Now women’s feel safe to travel on this taxis.

Nowadays in Pakistan, there are a lot of issues during the transportation for women’s in Pakistan. They can not feel safe on public transport and feel not safe to travel on buses. But now they solve all the issues for women, now they feel safe to travel on this taxi.

The CEO of Pax Transport service, Sheikh Mohammad Zahid said that, they introduced this service through four modes. Now women’s avail this service from the cab on road, mobile phone application, call center and you can also avail of SMS service. After booking of taxi service, they will issue four number of digit code to the pessenger. The passenger asks the driver and books the taxi service.

He also added that they starting from 10 drivers. He also plans that after 3 or 4 months they will introduce in Islamabad and Lahore. Paxi is just like Uber and Careem taxi services. Paxi also introduced Motorbike Taxi for single persons. They have 33 total vehicles including, 12 Pink Taxis, 6 Paxi Taxis and 15 motorbikes Taxis.

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