Anand Prakash Hacker discovered the Bug, Hacker Rewarded by Uber free rides In US and India.


A few days ago, Uber mentioned that who discovered or inform about the bug, they will allow the free rides of Uber in US and India. Hacker ‘Anand Prakash’ finally discovered the Bug.

Anand Prakash is 23 years old young boy, he is a white-hat hacker and Indian Security Researcher. Now Anand is working for Flipkart. He earns money from the identifying websites. A few months ago, Bug spotted in the Uber system so he discovered and rewarded by the Uber free Rides in Indian and US.

source: Indiatimes

Uber also reward an amount of $100 to $10,000 to the hacker. There are many companies have bug bounty programs such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Anand informs about the issue through ‘Uber’s But Bounty Program‘.

source: MensXP

Uber company paid to Anand Prakash Hacker for inform and identify the issues in the system and they paid $5,000, also they allow the unlimited free rides in Uber. Anand also said in blog,

Attackers could have misused this by taking unlimited free rides from their uber account.

source: News Nation

Here is the video of Anand Prakash, the specifying invalid payment and dodge the system and payment method such as abc or xzy.The ride-hailing company also said that they appreciate to Anand’s’ for identifying and them happy to reward to Anand for his efforts.

Last year, Anand also rewarded from Facebook for identifying the bug on hack facebook hack accounts. Anand hacker, he is ranked in Uber’s Bug Program on the 14th number.

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