Apple ready to start production of iPhone SE in small number in India this month.

Apple was reported in February that the Apple start production of iPhone SE in India. Now they ready to start manufacturing iPhone SE in India. According to the new reports, Apple confirms that they start production of iPhone SE in India this month. The trial of the iPhone now been completed earlier this month.

Apple starts production in Bengaluru, India. The company also added that they will start manufacturing in small numbers. They provide Indian manufacturer smartphones to local customers as soon as possible. The company will launch 100 stores in India for customers help and smartphone’s accessories.

Faisal Kawoosa, principal analyst at CMR says,

Apple is likely to sell a good number of iPhones if it prices them so aggressively. In three to five years, these users will be able to graduate to a standard-priced iPhone.

The company also mention the price of Indian manufacturer smartphone iPhone SE. The smartphone’s cost around $100.