Finallly Nokia launched its new Android smartphones in Pakistan.


Finally, the wait is the over, Nokia launches its new android smartphone in Pakistan in the end of June 2017.

After a long wait, finally Nokia will launch its new android smartphone in Pakistan in the end of June 2017. Mostly people like Nokia’s smartphones in Pakistan. Nokia once again announced entrance date in Pakistani mobile market. We all know that how people loved to use nokia smartphones in Pakistan.

Per Ekman, VP for the Middle East and North Africa Region announced the introduce Nokia mobile’s date in Pakistan on Tuesday. According to Per Ekman said, Nokia will launch its new mobile phones in Pakistan in next three months.

He also stated that,

Pakistan is a key market for us — three smartphones (Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3) and the new version of the iconic 3310 — will offer one of the most competitive value propositions for consumers.

Mr. Per Ekman met Mr. Rizwan Majeed the CEO Advance Telecom during the visit. During the meeting they cut the cake and highlighting Nokia’s new android smartphones. Nokia launch its smartphone including, Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and they also relaunch its old smartphone Nokia 3310. We hope people will love that smartphones in Pakistan.

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