Fiat chrysler and interMotive have signed up give the police Modified Dodge chargers


Police have the most dangerous as well as the most important job in the society, keeping the people of the city safe from harm and doing wrong but they work for our safety but what about their safety?

In order to do that Fiat Chrysler cars have joined InterMotive INC of Auburn, California which will work to give the police 2017 dodge chargers which will have advanced security features such as rear facing cameras.


These specially designed cars have been granted with cameras as well as radars which help in detecting movement behind the vehicle allowing them to literally watch their backs!



The best thing about this is that InterMotive INC is doing all of this free of cost, like us they are also moved by the fact that ambushes have increased on Police officers.

The technology in the car has a module which is plugged into the Charger Pursuit OBDII port under the dash. The module also uses the cars Parksense rear camera to alert the officer if anyone is behind him and in case someone is behind him emergency measures are taken such as:

  • locking all doors
  • flashing the tail lights
  • rolling up the windows

This system is sure to be successful!

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Sufyan Khan


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