FIA’s cyber crime cell : Arrest First Man Accused of Blackmailing Online Via Whatsapp


18 % of Pakistan Population has access to internet and the usage of Mobile phone and internet is growing day by day. With they easy access to internet criminals tend to use it for negative activity like leverage , blackmailing or extortion.

We have witness the first of kind cyber crime scene in Karachi Pakistan where a man use WhatsApps  platform to threaten his victim and ask for money over explicit video.

According to the case report Muhammad Saleem, which provide mobile phone repair service at Hanzala Communications in Javeria Mobile City, Model Colony Karachi was taken under custody

for blackmailing the victim using WhatsApp.  Muhammad Saleem ask the victim Mr Zahid to pay Rs 50000 else he would upload the video of his family to social media and explicit website .

Mr Zahid register a complain afterward and informed the FIA’s cyber crime cell . Later they trap Muhammad Saleem and retrieve the material which he use against victim for blackmailing .

Saleem has been charged under section 16, 21 and 24 of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016


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Sajid Hussain


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