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Facebook is a social media app and now coming up with the weather application which can give you weather forecast to acknowledge yourself. Facebook is coming out a useful new feature that gives a full weather forecast inside its mobile app and also the desktop app. The feature can access from News Feed or the mobile applications “More” menu — the section that connect you to areas like Friends, Events, Groups, Pages and other key Facebook features like On that Day or Saved items. Within the Weather section, you can see a full weather forecast for your week ahead, by data from Weather.com.

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Information About App

A year before, Facebook also reported out “weather greetings” in News Feed, which were very short, informational weather updates that shown at the top of your feed in the morning or evening. The new feature is an extension on that feed. You’ll now see messages at the top of the News Feed with a link to the full, five-day weather forecast. These News Feed will appear on both desktop and mobile, Facebook tells us.

Moreover, Facebook reported that now on Facebook there is an option to set notifications for receiving weather reports. The company says that Notifications and the more detailed information are reported further for tests now, with all these updates widely will updates available by the end of the month.

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Forecasting Procedure

The weather forecast will show you according to the location. Like other weather apps, it will also show an option to users to search for any other locations. They can also choose Fahrenheit or Celsius option. Users can see weather forecast by any hour they want to see, along with general information like partly sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy etc, for next days and for the whole week.


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