Facebook Messenger launched its exciting updates ‘Payment support’


Facebook Messenger introduced its exciting updates ‘Payment support’ for all android users.

This time Facebook messenger introduced an amazing feature for its users. Now people can receive and send the money in groups. Now they only launched for groups but they will be launched person to person payment solution soon. The payment method now only supports on groups.

Android’s user now updates their Facebook Messenger application and get the feature. Now the money transfer is very easy for everyone. You can send and receive money from the Facebook messenger application. Facebook is the largest social media network. They also launched many amazing features for its users. But this time they launched really amazing features.

Just open your Facebook Messenger application and tab on ‘plus +’ left bottom of the chat conversation. After open the + sign, you can see the payment icon ($) and tap it. Then you can choose people to send or request for the money.

Here is the video of application, you can see payment method in the following video below:

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