Facebook loses law battle: Facebook ordered to pay $500 Million to Game develpor Company ZeniMax.


Facebook paid $500 Million to game developer company ZeniMax. They lose law battle Polygon claimed that they are violated an NDA agreement and build earlier Oculus Rift headset. ZeniMax company won his case successfully.

source: Mirror

Zenimax company lawsuit against the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Palmer Luckey because over copyright infringement. Oculus is stolen and build the Oculus Rift VR headset. Dallas was presiding all the case between Oculus and Zenimax game developer company.

source: Daily Mail

The Dallas concluded that Luckey violated the agreement and the fine money will be paid. The total money $500 million, oculus paying $200 for violation of an agreement, $50 Million for false designation, $50 million for copyright. $50 million paying by Luckey and CEO Brendan Iribe.

source: yahoo

Zenimax is a game development company, they ar famous for Fallout 4, ID software and the Arkane studios are famous for dishonoured. The money $500 million actually paid to buy Oculus.

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