Facebook launched it new feature – Now people can add country flag on display pictures.

Social media Facebook launched its new feature, Now Facebook users can add the country flag on display pictures.

Social Media Facebook added 200 country flag frames for all users. People can use these flag on display pictures. Every Facebook users use these features temporarily and permanently on its profile pictures.

How to Add Country Flag on the profile picture.

Facebook users can add from the web browser or Android applications on their own display picture. They can also use these feature on pages display pictures. After past the country flag, you can edit or drag and drop to reposition and adjust the flag.

A Facebook person said,

Whether you’re showing support for your favourite sports team or solidarity with a cause or movement, profile frames help you express yourself. Now we’re adding flag frames to the mix, in addition to the frames, people will be able to create on their own thanks to our Camera Effects Platform.

Mark Zuckerberg’s added that facebook turns into the platform for unified global community. This feature will help to easily find the same country persons and people knowing about where are you from.


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