Social Media Site Facebook plans to kicked out the fake news stories on the site.


Facebook, Social media making three changes to display trending topics and block fake stories on the site.

Will Cathcart, vice president of Facebook’s post on Wednesday, “Today we’re announcing three updates to Trending, a feature that shows people popular topics being discussed on Facebook that they might not see in their News Feed,”


Faux News issue in last week, the millions of users discuss on the social media.

Trending was the most requested feature from the users since the last summer. Facebook identified that the popular issues and the topics are popular on Facebook.

The Facebook site said that the chaneges appeared on Wednesday and users will use in the coming Weeks.

According to Facebook, it will be the easier for those users who did not realise. Each popular posts will show as a headline below topic name.

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Sohail Asghar

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