Facebook is growing rapidly and is not going to stop anywhere soon


there is no saying that social media sites will ever have a downfall and this is exactly what is happening with Facebook which just keeps on breaking records year after year with great numbers and just recently Facebook has triumphally announced its new earnings report.

According to their report almost 2 Billion people are currently using Facebook and just to compare it, The world has a population of almost 8 Billion which tells us that almost 30% of the world’s population uses Facebook, the daily users of Facebook currently are 1.23 Billion and surprisingly 1.15 Billion of them are using it on their Phones and if these figures continue the 2 Billion mark doesn’t seem to be that far away.

When we come to back to the Main topic of revenue, Facebook has seen figures rise up to 50% which makes it $8.5 Billion per year. most of the revenue consisted of Advertising revenue of mobile (85%) which makes Facebook the top earner through advertising right after Google. The total revenue that Facebook will get per year will hopefully be somewhere around $33.7 which is around $18 per user.


Currently the ammount of advertisers that Facebook has is at 4 Million which has risen to around 50% but Facebook not only owns this but also owns other top Social medias e.g Instagram which has around 600 Million users and whatsapp and Messenger have almost somewhere around a Bilion users.


It seems as if Facebook will continue to rise because the shere ammount of people getting the availability of internet through WIFI or 4G.

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Sufyan Khan


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