People Will Allow to Apply for Job through Facebook – Facebook Adding new tool.


Facebook will reveal an amazing tool for those who want to apply any company for jobs. Facebook added a new tool people will apply through facebook to companies for the job. Companies will post jobs directly on Facebook social media on Facebook business pages. the employers will apply through facebook.

source: TechCrunch

Social networking Platform Facebook, now facebook is moving towards business and for jobs employment. They will add job platform just like LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc websites. Facebook becomes a to connecting with potential job seekers.

source: Digital Trends

Now the pages able for all the user of facebook and job seekers Apply now. Also, the Clicking button will provide to users can click and people can fill the job through Facebook Messenger. 

source: aboutentertainmentinfo

Facebook will also add the jobs on pages, this facility for job seekers and it’s easy to apply there through facebook. Facebook added the Job tab under the More Section of the mobile Facebook app. You can also boost the ad of jobs and target marketing. Facebook users can use the boosting tools, it will be the revenue generation for facebook.

This will be the part of unofficial pages will be the part of official companies pages. This feature will come within week and pages rolled in the US and Canada will available for everyone in the world.

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