Facebook achieved new record Once Again – 1.86 Billion Monthly Users.


Facebook achieving once again new record.Facebook announced his earning on facebook, $8.81 Billion in revenue, $1.41 per share and monthly users of Facebook 1.86 and continued to attract new users. The profit they are earned from shares $3.568 Billion at $1.21 a share.

The profit went up from $5.84 Billion and 51% of last year. Now, the profit jumps 51 percent to 177 percent as compared to $2.379 Billion from the last year.

Facebook mentioned in the top finance experts. The analysts estimating per share stand at $1.3 grow to 8.5 Billion and Monthly active users are 1.84 Billion.

Mark Zuckerberg the Founder of Facebook said that. His mission to connect the world is more important now. ‘Our business did very well in 2016 but their mission is connect to people together.

$1.86 Billion users grow from 17% year over year users. Whatsapp and Messenger Application more than Billions users Per month. On Instagram 600 Million users per month. The Financial year 2016-2017 is over now. All the tech giant have already posted their earnings. Apple achieved the record about three quarters.

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