Engro foods is deniying the allegation put upon them


The Competition Commission of Pakistan just recently gave a few companies notice and asking them to clarify their Marketing techniques. According to the Competition Commission of Pakistan Engro Foods Limited’s  “Daily Omang”, Noon Pakistan Limited’s “Daily roozana” and Shakarganj foods Limited’s “Qudraat” are being marketed as milk when they are not.

All of the three HUGE companies were marketing their product as Milk while the products were actually Tea Whiteners and have nothing to do with milk. After the Competition Commission of Pakistan caught on to them they saw that they were Advertising their product on different T.V channels, websites and through social media as milk, they were sure to give them a huge dent!.

After getting caught doing this act all three of the companies were really heavily fined for wrongly marketing these products as “MILK” products using their T.V commercials, website promotion,  product descriptions and other sources. Engro Foods was given a fine of PKR 62.30 Million,  Noon Pakistan was fined PKR 2 Million and Shakarganj Foods was given a fine of PKR 500,000.

Engro Food said in their press release that they did not do anything wrong the small piece of their quotation is given below:

Engro Foods is thinking on strongly challenging the allegations that the Competition Commission of Pakistan put upon them as the packaging of the product clearly states that the product is a “DAIRY DRINK” as per‘Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority’ (PSQCA).



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Sufyan Khan


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